Monday, May 9, 2011

Technological Issues Of IPRs In India

Intellectual Property Rights in India (IPRs in India) are well known and sufficiently protected. However, there are certain fields that are not only unknown to IPR professionals but are also well beyond the capabilities of these professionals.

For instance, there are very few Professionals, Firms and Institutions that can provide Techno Legal IPR Services in India. At Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we provide the Exclusive Techno Legal IPR Services in India. Further, PTLB is also the Exclusive Techno Legal LPO and KPO Services Provider of India.

Further, issues like Domain Name Protection In India requires domain specific expertise. Similarly, Cyber Crimes are affecting Trade Secrets in India and World wide and to effectively tackle the same, one must have good Techno Legal Skills. Patent Law of India would also change in future and it would require Techno Legal Acumen to deal with future Patent related IPR issues in India.

Copyright Law of India needs urgent amendments. Although Indian Copyright Act is due for amendments yet Digital Issues of Indian Copyright Act 1957 are yet to be addressed by Indian Legislature. The Copyright Amendment Bill 2011 of India would be introduced very soon but it is still far from perfect to cover these issues.

In short, Techno Legal Issues of IPRs in India have not yet been addressed properly. Keeping in mind the importance of these issues it would be appropriate if immediate action is taken by Indian Government in this regard.