Saturday, May 21, 2016

PlayGambo And OVH Served Legal Notice For Copyright Infringement Of Perry4Law

Online gaming and online gambling laws in India are still evolving. Even courts in India are not very keen to bring certainty to these controversial fields. Recently, the Supreme Court of India refused to decide about the legality of online poker and online rummy in India. The central government has also not given any opinion about the legality of these fields. As a result Indian online rummy and online poker websites are in legal tangles.

The story does not ends here. Almost all of the online poker and online rummy websites in India are operating on the wrong side of Indian laws especially the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000). Another disturbing trend is the increasing copyright violation by online gaming and gambling websites in India. In another such incidence, Perry4Law Law Firm has sent legal notice and DMCA complaint to PlayGambo  and its hosting provider OVH.

Our Twitter handle at @ptlbindia has also covered this issue at here1 and here2. OVH is very active in providing dedicated games serves with anti DDoS protection. However, OVH must also be clear regarding its business model so that no cyber criminals are encouraged or harboured due to its polices and commercial interests.

OVH has replied back to our notices and has forwarded our notices to the administrators of PlayGambo. We have also sought a clarification from OVH regarding its service terms and dealing with cyber criminals and copyright infringers by OVH. We would share the response and action on the part of OVH very soon as the same is still awaited till the time of this post. A positive response from OVH is also essential to generate and retain trust among the gaming industry that OVH is very keenly targeting.