Friday, July 1, 2011

India Ranked 62nd In The Global Innovation Index 2011

As per the recent Global Innovation Index 2011, India got an overall ranking of 62nd place out of 125 economies. Switzerland ranked first among 125 economies surveyed for their innovation capabilities.

This shows that India is still not concentrating upon innovative capabilities and there are not sufficient incentives and infrastructures to nurture and encourage innovation in India.

To start with India must improve its educational system that more academic than professional and vocational. With academic knowledge, innovation cannot be achieved. Take the example of legal education of India. Till now we have no innovation university on law in India, though suggestions in this regard have been long given.

Similarly, India also needs to develop innovative capabilities in the fields like cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber warfare, anti cyber terrorism initiatives, etc.

Even the outsourcing industry of India needs to be innovative. LPO and KPO in India need to be innovative as new fields are emerging that are beyond the expertise of traditional LPOs and KPOs.

We at Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) believe that India must formulate suitable policies and schemes so that innovation can be encouraged. Utility models protection in India can be a starting point. Further, sharing of intellectual property rights (IPRs) with the innovator using governmental facilities can also be a good option. But these are only starting points and India needs to do much more than that.